Hej København

On Thursday Zach had told me that we were going to Hamburg for the day.  It is only an hour from where we are staying so it seemed plausible!  Mirco works in Hamburg so he was just going to drop us off.  We got to where I thought was Mirco's office parking, but was actually... the airport (it was an early drive so you can't blame me for not recognizing it!).  Zach surprised me yet again, with an amazing weekend trip to Copenhagen!  We spent our first afternoon just exploring the beautiful city.  The next day was put aside strictly for perusing the selection of fine furniture and design (which Copenhagen is bursting at the seams with).  We used Herb Lester's map to begin our journey and then just went in stores that looked interesting.  Some stores we went to included:  Klassik Copenhagen, Carl Hansen & Son, Danish Classic, Illums Bolighus and the Hay House.  Click 'read more' to see more pictures of our day.

It's too bad my suitcase wasn't big enough for a Shell chair... or a Swan Chair.



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