How Lovely: Louise Gray

I have mentioned before that Minneapolis has an abundance of amazing creatives.  Today I wanted to share Louise Gray with you.  These stunning modern quilts are the result of Alexandra Gray Bennett and Jocelin Johnson's collaboration.  Aren't they beautiful?  My favorites are No. 1 and No. 3, but I would take all of them.  I grew up with my mom and grandmother quilting and am so glad when I see this medium executed through the lens of contemporary design.



Fantastic Furnishings: Elka

Isn't this Cervidae inspired stool elegant?  It was a Notable Winner in the Core 77 Design awards in the Furniture and Lighting Student section.  Elka combines CNC machining and manual work into a beautifully crafted seat.  Oscar Pipson did a wonderful job.  I also love the Festival Wine packaging and Mine condoms



Little Somethings: Donut Day

I just wanted to wish you all a Happy National Donut Day! Have a wonderful weekend. 



How Lovely: Need Supply

I am a jewelry wearer.  I would happy to be wearing 5 rings at all times, but the cheaper jewelry I have gotten in the past few years starts to wear or turn my fingers green.  It's quite hard to locate good affordable jewelry, but I think I found some!  Need Supply is a Virginia based boutique with an amazing online store.  They have men's and women's clothing and a lovely selection of jewelry.  Some of my favorites are the Pearl Cluster Ear Cuff (if I didn't have my ear pierced there I would have already  bought this), the Maya Necklace,  and these sweet Pearl Balance Earrings.  



Little Somethings: Party Bull

If you mess with the party bull... you get the party horn.



Sweet Sounds: Alabama Shakes

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Zach and I went to the Alabama Shakes with Father John Misty opening.  It was amazing.  There was beautiful spring Minnesota weather, good food and good beer and (of course) soul awakening music.  If you haven't already, listen to the Alabama Shake's newest album Sound & Color.  You may also want to purchase this shirt...  

Listen to some sweet sounds below.


p.s.  more Alabama Shakes here.


Little Somethings: Sun Bathing Girl

Here is a little something for your Thursday.

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