Hallo Autostadt

The next day we went to Autostadt with Jette and her brother Jan.  Autostadt is a Volkswagen world created in Wolfsburg.  It is really an amazing site.  We began by exploring the main building.  It had some great exhibit design that showed how technology and design could be eloquently integrated into a display.  You could even design your own car!  Also how cool is that 3D CNC?  After that we went on a bus tour through the manufacturing area and saw how they create and put together the cars.  Then we got a larger tour of the grounds.  There is a museum of historical cars and pavilions associated with each brand in the Volkswagen Group.  We also got to see the glass towers where you watch the new car you bought come from the factory.  There were also some inventive art installations around the grounds.  They included anything from fountains that you could control with playground like activities and water tunnels!  After the tour Zach and I went back to look at more pavilions.  My favorite was Audi.  You got a glowing sphere at the beginning (much like this project) that activated all of the stations in the exhibit.  It even changed colors and would project your name on a wall when you went in certain rooms!  At the end we took a look at the gift shop.  I wanted to get a Hotwheels sized car, but I was clearly out of my league.  They were over $50!  I am just fine admiring our Lego T1 Camper Van at home.  We went back to Jette's parents for cake and dinner.  

I am so lucky to be here!  Everyone is so friendly.

There were too many pictures to fit on the homepage so....
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I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Autostadt was well worth the visit!



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