Rectilinear Roadway

We had crits on Monday for our desk organizer project.  We were given a desk designed for 5th year IAPD students and were asked to create a desk organization system to go with it.  Mine is Rectilinear Roadway:
Is your desk as disorganized as a bustling city? Use RECTILINEAR ROADWAY to clear desktop space and navigate through the creative process. Many vehicles travel through the streets of your blacksplash blocks including clips, hooks, lights and your very own tracker. Like a drop pin on a map, the tracker can show your cognitive location on a project (via blacksplash blocks), help you decide what you want to do next, or even traverse past your desk to other studio roadways.
Drawings and models are pictured above.  All drawings are free-hand pen with marker on hard-press watercolor paper.  Check out more of my work here.

here are some sweet sounds... i have basically just been listening to this song on repeat

-- grace  


Emily Klimisch said...

Grace this is actually amazing! Your desk looks so cool... though the picture I believe I am in is grotesque. I would love to have my desk look like this because it's so organized and simplistic yet aesthetically pleasing and interesting.

Grace Twedt said...

Thanks so much!!! It was a really fun project! But I think we all look cute in that pic! You're the best em.

Emily Klimisch said...

I forgot to mention that I was looking at it in class and the kid I was sitting next to said it was super cool too and that he would totally invest in such a desk. ;)

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