Out at Sea

Our last full day in Edinburgh was spent basking in the sun (or the grey sky) at Portobello Beach.  I did some research and I don't think the beach has anything to do with the mushrooms.  If you go to Edinburgh, you should get a day bus ticket and go to the beach.  It beach lies on the coast of the Firth of Forth and is very nice no matter what Mother Nature has in mind.  The weather was not particularly hot or sunny when we went, but it so relaxing to listen to the ocean even when you are wearing a sweatshirt!  The day was also very windy, but Zach built us some wind protection (pictured above).  It did a great job of keeping the sand out of our eyes!  Although we did not go, we heard there is a classic arcade and some delicious fish and chips along the beach.

 a perfect day in Scotland


p.s. I think all of the sand pictured above is still in my sneakers.


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