Hallo Hötzingen

Hello all!  We are back in Germany again.  This time we are staying with Jette in Hötzingen which is close to Soltau.  She was also an Au Pair for Zach when he was little and living in Fort Collins.  We live with Jette, Mirco, their son Jarno and a baby on the way.  Both Jette and Mirco's parents live close by and we see them often.  We have been very busy since we got here.  Our first day here we had a German BBQ and got to meet everyone.  The next day was full of adventures.  We went to a blueberry farm with Edelgard (Jette's mom), Jarno and Jette.  It was fun and delicious!  We have already been back for more blueberries.  Later in the day we got to ride Edelgard's horse Nessa.  I used to ride horses when I was little and it was a wonderful experience to do it again.  We got to brush Nessa, feed her treats and ride her with Edelgard holding the lead.  Even Jarno joined in (only for about 5 seconds).

a great start to our stay!



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