Is it Bobby or Dobby?

Although I had finally caught up with our adventures, I am now very behind again.  We are quite busy in Germany and I have been too tired at the end of our days to blog.  Hopefully this week I will catch you up.  We packed our last days in Edinburgh full of fun.  First we went to the Scottish National Gallery.  Their exhibit is wonderful.  We had seen it before when our class went on an excursion to Edinburgh, but one part of the gallery was gated off (coincidentally my favorite part), the Impressionists.  By Thursday it was open again and we got to see beautiful Degas, Monets, and Van Goughs.  After the exhibit we ate in our favorite lunch spot at the Princes Street Gardens.  We then went to Greyfriar's Kirkyard where you can find the burials of some well known witches and wizards.  Outside the Kirkyard sits a well known pup.  There many stories surrounding the Skye Terrier above, but regardless of which you choose to believe, you can also touch Greyfriar's Bobby's nose for good luck.  At some point in the day we also went by the Elephant House where J.K. Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter Book.  We stopped into Analogue books for a few last minute magazine purchases.  We ended our day with an amazing hike up Arthur's Seat.  

I already miss the dreary Scottish weather,



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