Hill Walking, My Dear Watson

Yesterday Zach and I went for another hill walk in Edinburgh.  Although it is much smaller than Arthur's seat, Calton Hill provides some amazing views of the city and other Edinburgh Peaks.  Calton Hill is known for being Edinburgh's first public park and for being the home to many historic monuments.  Among these is the Neoclassical National Monument of Scotland.  Funds were cut mid way through building the monument, but it is still quite beautiful.   We ate lunch on the Hill and then slowly made our way down to Prince Street to walk around the shops.  Our walk home passes a Sherlock Holmes statue erected in honor of Edinburgh's famous Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  I generally associate Sherlock Holmes with London and 221 B Baker Street, but his roots are in Edinburgh.  He was based on one of Doyle's professors at University of Edinburgh, Joseph Bell.  How cool is that?



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