Dumyat: The Little Black Rain Cloud

The other day Zach and I hiked Dumyat, the hill overlooking our campus.  Although the hill is relatively small (1371 ft to the summit) it took us about four hours to and from campus.  At the beginning of the walk we were unsure if we had taken the correct path.  As you can see, the road had many signs marked with red x's that said END.  After passing many fake doorways and gates, it turns out we were on the right path.  We had a little black rain cloud following us the whole hike!  The walk was very beautiful and we made many furry friends on the way up.  We also got to see the Red Arrows and parachutes from the Armed Forces Day celebration in Stirling town.  It finally started to pour rain before we reached the top, but luckily we packed our rain gear.  The rain made for wonderful foggy views of the highlands.  Once we reached the top we each got to put a stone in the beacon, which traditionally symbolizes a wish for every traveler that reaches the top.  We forgot to make a wish, so we are planning to make the walk again this week.

As you can see, University of Stirling has one of the most scenic campuses in Europe.  What a wonderful hike.



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