Hello London

Zach and I took a day trip to London on July 2nd to see Coldplay.  We got to spend the entire day in London which was great fun.  We took the Megabus Gold overnight there and I would highly recommend it.  Although it is not quite the luxury they portray on the website, you do get a makeshift bed which makes the overnight trip much better.  In the morning the bus dropped us off a short walk from Buckingham Palace.  After that we made our way to Westminster Abbey.  Next was Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster.  At some point in the day we went through the National Gallery.  If you know London well (which I don't), it may not make sense at this point in our travels.  Regardless of when we went, it was quite amazing to see Van Gough's Sunflowers.  We took our lunch break next to the London Eye.  Our last venture was to Hyde Park for a relaxing afternoon before the concert.  Coldplay played at the Royal Albert Hall.  I have seen them in concert before, but this was the best.  The beautiful venue and small crowd were just perfect.  They played a selection of songs from every album because it is said to be Coldplay's last concert in a while.  My favorite part was when they played Midnight.  I'm not sure I can adequately explain what they did, but there were light beams that were projected from the stage in a rainbow of colors.  When When each beam was covered, it made a sound, like a light keyboard!  Plus they had Star Lanterns(I want to make these) and paper stars falling from the ceiling at the end.  After the concert we walked back to the bus station and arrived just in time for our Megabus to Stirling.

Sweet Midnight sounds below


p.s.  I apologize for the poor quality pictures.  We didn't take our cameras because we were worried they wouldn't allow them in the concert so they are from my phone.  (we were wrong!)


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