Hello Glasgow

Zach and I took a day trip to Glasgow after our shorter excursion there for our Photography class.  I  really loved the city.  First we went to the Gallery of Modern Art.  The wonderful Galley features the iconic Wellington Statue with the Duke sporting his traffic cone hat.  Right now museums across Scotland are featuring the Generation Exhibition.  Generation is an exhibition composed of over 100 artists over 25 years of contemporary art in Scotland.  For more information look here.  Some of my favorites were Sara Barker and Nathan Coley.  After a morning of art, we walked through the McLennan Arch to Glasgow Green and had lunch next to People's Palace and the Winter Gardens.  The afternoon was full of fun destinations found in my awesome Herb Lester Guide to Glasgow (a gift from the wonderful Zach).  We went to Monorail Music, an independent record shop and Glasgow Print Studio.  Then we headed to the Lighthouse.  The Lighthouse is Scotland's center for Architecture and Design (right up my alley!).  The building was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, an iconic Scottish architect and designer.  Zach and I had not learned about him at K-State, but key elements of his style are very similar to Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie Style.  Their furniture almost looks like it comes from the same company.  After the Lighthouse, we went for a look around the shopping streets in the city.  We went to the Willow Room Tea Rooms, a preserved Charles Mackintosh design.  It was really a wonderful day! 

As a side note, Glasgow is getting ready for the 2014 Commonwealth Games as you can see from the graffiti.  Our tour guide in Glasgow the previous day told us that the City of Glasgow actually employs graffiti artists in the city as a way to add culture and beauty to the city itself and to promote graffiti as an art instead of a crime.

And the Police boxes all over Glasgow for Dr Who fans.



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