Iron, Wind and Fire

Hello all!  I can hardly describe everything we do during our days in Bosen.  They are so much fun and full of activities!  Yesterday we began the day at Völklingen Ironworks, a World Heritage site of the Saarland.  We went with Torsten and Nadja and it was so fun!  As you can see, Zach really identified with the Iron Worker lifestyle.  It was amazing to see how massive the equipment used to make steel was and how dangerous!  An important note:  if you are afraid of heights and are looking to go to the Völklingen Ironworks choose another activity (Yes, that means you Rex).  You have to climb stairs all the way to the top of Ironworks to go through the site!  After the Ironworks, we drove to a place where they building a new Wind Turbine.  Torsten knew the head of the company building the turbine, so we got to look inside and see how they were constructed.  How cool is that?  After that we headed to the Jung family BBQ.  We got to meet Nadja's family and eat delicious food.  The food included grilled feta, fresh bread, stuffed mushrooms, pasta salad, fresh strawberries, corn on the cob and Zach had German Wurst.  It all was grilled on an outdoor swinging charcoal grill by Nadja's dad Klaus (Master of the Kitchen as he called himself).  We also got to try Saarland beer, Karlsberg.  Nadja's dad is learning English so he got to test out some English and I tested out some German!  It was really great fun.  I love them all!  Now I must prepare for our Bus Tour of Paris.  Don't forget to check Zach's blog for more pictures and stories.


p.s.  Zach and I got tickets to Coldplay in London! Sweet sounds below.


rxtwdt said...

congrats on the tickets, those pictures don't look that high or scary at all!

Emily Klimisch said...

Wow you guys are so cute and it looks like you're having so much fun!

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