Hello Bosen

Yesterday was our first full day in Bosen.  Bosen is a village in Saarland, which is where Nadja lives.  Nadja was an Au Pair for Zach when he was little and lived in Colorado.  It is really wonderful to visit her.  She is very kind and her village is beautiful.  Her apartment is very nice and full of plants as I hope mine will be someday.  She also has a nice balcony where we had dinner the first night we came.  Yesterday we went to two small towers nearby to get a view of the surrounding landscape.  How amazing!  Aren't the German forests astounding?  After we ate at a small pizza shop and then went back to Nadja's apartment.  Then we looked at four rather sizable photo albums of Nadja's time with the Manuels.  That was my favorite thing we have done here so far.  It was really fun to hear about little Zach and see his photographs and drawings for Nadja.  After dinner we took a walk around the village.  I have fallen in love with all of these small colorful houses.  They are so cute!

Tschuss!  Bis morgen,



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