Hello Messel

Hello all!  I hope you have been doing well.  We finally have WiFi in the flats at Stirling so I am able to post again.  Last week we were in Messel visiting Zach's cousin Matt, his wife Christina and their two sons Nick and Noah.  It was a blast!  We got to go to their lake, see Frankfurt, Darmstadt, go to a festival, eat at a Bavarian Biergarten and hang out with Zach's family.  Nick and Noah were really sweet kids and you could tell they loved Zach.  The day we left Zach went and played soccer with Noah and his friends.  They decided to play five against Zach.  Unfortunately Zach lost to the boys by one goal each time.  We have been so lucky to stay with such wonderful people on our trip so far!  Expect to see pictures of Scotland soon.



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