Hello Edinburgh

Hello from Scotland everyone!  It has been a while.  WiFi and outlets are few and far between here.  Even though I have already begun school, I am going to catch you up on Scotland.  We first flew into Edinburgh and were taken to our hotel, which was all arranged by our wonderful program provider API.  The moment we arrived, I think Scotland stole a piece of my heart.  Edinburgh is a beautiful and cultured city.  We went and got dinner the first night and then went back to the hotel to watch the World Cup.  The next morning we were given free time until we were to meet to go up to Edinburgh Castle.  Zach and I spent the day walking Princes Street and exploring the city.  We met up with the rest of the API students and went up to Edinburgh Castle.  It is really an amazing piece of architecture.  It strategically towers over the city and gave us some wonderful views (you can even see the Highlands in the distance!).  I also learned that day that the Scottish national animal is a Unicorn (my kind of place).  There is a stone unicorn pictured above, which was missing its horn because of safety reasons (but for some reasons the cannons did not have such an issue).  After seeing the castle, we were treated to a traditional Scottish dinner.  Zach had Haggis and I had a vegetarian pastry.  We also received dessert and Irn Bru.  Irn Bru is Scotland's most popular soda.  We actually see everyone drinking it here!  I am not a big fan, but Zach loves it.  It is very similar to an Orange Creme Soda.  That evening we went out to a Pub and enjoyed some live music and Scottish Brew.



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