Au Revoir

Our last day in Paris we went up on a building in Paris which had a great view of the city.  I got a smashed Euro and then we got back on the bus.  We were then given free time to walk around Montmartre.  Zach and I looked in shops and found the Le Mur Des Je T'aime.  We sat in the garden next to the wall for a while and headed back to the bus.  We got on the Sunshine bus and headed back to Bosen.  When we arrived we went to a festival in the town.  We got to see Nadja's family again, which was great fun.  Zach ate his first German Currywurst and we drank Radlers(my favorite German drink so far).  Klaus and Zach even won me some flowers (what young German boys do at fests to give to their girlfriends).  Once we got back to Nadja's house we made her salted popcorn on the stove (German popcorn is almost always sweet) and exchanged pictures from the trip.



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