TTFN Trier

Hello all!!  Yesterday in Trier was a  beautiful day.  We walked around town and went into some shops we had missed.  We went into a toy store, various home stores and Libelingsstucke where I got my mom something sweet handmade in Trier.  After walking around we went to meet Marjiana at her school and had lunch in her cafeteria.  It was actually really good!  They also had a vending machine in the cafeteria that sold beer!  After lunch we took a look at Marjiana's studio project and then we went to the grocery store.  We wanted to cook dinner for Marjiana to thank her for such a nice stay.  We made Rice with Ginger Vegetables (instead of the chicken in the recipe).  As it turns out, Marjiana is a much better cook than us, so we just ended up all cooking together!  We invited Sophia who also lives with Marjiana and had a nice family dinner.   Zach and I always forget that before everyone can start eating everyone says "Guten Appetit!".  We had MilchReis for dessert, which I had never had before.  It was topped with cinnamon and apple sauce.  Yum!  After dinner we relaxed and watched Sherlock Holmes and had some wine from Trier.  I will miss this beautiful city!

Today we are going to Zuppa for our last meal in Trier.

Sch├Ânes Tag!


p.s.  Zach's family friend Jetta used to bring those chocolate Hippos to him from Germany and we had some.  They are delish!

and TTFN


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