Wandering in Reykjavik

Zach and I decided to spend our last day in Iceland exploring the beautiful city of Reykjavik.  We only had a short time to spend in Iceland and I think it is safe to say we would both go back in a heartbeat (whether to see the city or the countryside).  We stayed in a wonderful house using Air BnB.   The house was very well priced and about an hour and a half walk from the city center.  That may sound like a long jaunt, but it was breathtaking.  The sidewalk was along the northern Shore of the Reykjanes peninsula, which is the home of The Sun Voyager and is a popular spot for sailing.  Once we got to the city center, we spent hours on the streets of Skólavörðustígur and Laugavegur.  We got to visit the Lutheran Church of Hallgrímskirkja.  It was designed by the Icelandic Architect Guðjón Samúelsson.  We took an elevator ride to the top of the church to an amazing lookout over the city of Reykjavik and its colorful rooftops.  We did not actually make any purchases because Reykjavik's design was out of our budget.  Don't get me wrong, we wanted to!  Iceland's Scandinavian roots combine with their stark, shocking landscape to inspire some superb artists and designers.  Iceland was the perfect end to our life changing summer.  Zach and I cannot wait to continue our world travels.  

I know it has taken me a long time for this last post.  This semester of school has gotten a little out of hand.  I should be back to regular posting by Thanksgiving.



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