Hello all.  I know I said that I would post pictures from the last project, but as always school gets crazy.  I finally have them here.  Our project was to create an office system for the mobile worker.  My group was Eden Design and our system was called Ribbon.  We presented 6 weeks of research as infographics, built a full scale model of the system, built a catalog of parts and pieces, renderings of the system, and diagrams of how everything fits together.  Ribbon is a versatile system of office furniture components designed to promote private work, public spaces, and collaboration for the mobile worker.  The customer can purchase panels, tables, lighting, storage, and seating.  There are a variety of options for each of these categories.  Above are just a few of the images from our project (part of a 50+ slide pdf presentation).  Overall the project went really well!  It was our first large group project (7 people) and I think that our system turned out really well.

Click on the pictures for a larger view. 

I hope you enjoy it!



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