Thank You Gift: Assorted Cookies

At Junkstop, I bought a wooden box and used it to make the gift above.  Last week I went to visit my boyfriend in St. Louis and was staying at his parents house.  My mom has always taught me that it is courteous to bring a gift to a party or host family.  Many family friends said that the best gifts they had received from house guests were local products from the home of the guest.  I love Omaha dearly, but I couldn't put together a group of coherent things native to Omaha, which is where I got the idea for a cookie box.  I used five different recipes (some family recipes, and some of my own) to make an assortment of cookies.  I packaged them in the box, included homemade recipe cards and tied up the whole thing with twine and tissue paper.  Instead of bringing a bit of Omaha, I brought a bit of the Twedt home.  

Hope you had a great 4th of July!

-- grace


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