Dissect a Design

Hello all!  I am still here.  This week has been hectic and our studio has been unbearably hot.  The heating is still on, there is no air conditioning and it has been in the 70's the last couple of days.  Most of my energy has been trying to stay concentrated on working.  We just turned in our Dissect a Design Project for Theory of Product Design.  We had to find an object at a thrift shop (less than $5), take it apart and dissect it.  We found out how all of the pieces were manufactured, what material they were made out of, if they were recyclable and more.  We also drew sketches of all of the views of the object and came up with three new designs that served the same functions.  Mine was the GeoSafari Talking Microscope.  I thought it was a really interesting a fun project.  There was also a 15 minute presentation, presentation board (above) and a paper.  Pictures of the drawings are below.  They are all hand sketched with marker and pen.  

-- grace


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