Toting around campus

Throughout years and years of schooling, my supplies have found a home (portable or not) in a variety of different places.  In elementary school; a pencil box.  In middle school; a trapper keeper.  In high school; a backpack.  Once college rolls around, "backpacks" are tailored to each student's specifications.  I have been looking at transitioning into a tote bag instead of a traditional "backpack".  It would be great during the day to carry around my notebooks.  Then at night I can haul my computer and such to studio.  Plus, they are great for traveling. 

Ikabags is an Etsy shop that sells handmade bags, backpacks and diaper bags.  They have gotten rave reviews, and many can be personalized with color!  My favorite is the bag picture above.  It is only $76!  Plus, the bag is technically a diaper bag which means extra pockets and waterproof interior.  I also like this one.

My best girl friends suggested this great Banana Republic Tote, Kate Spade Tote, and this Aldo Tote.

-- grace  


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