My best friend, Elizabeth just wrote an amazing piece on inspiration.   She talks about her trip to the National Gallery of Modern Art.  My favorite lines close the piece:
I believe that as cohabitants of this small planet, we are entitled to gain insight into other aesthetic traditions, to experience and share their visions. When done with respect and awareness, this is not slavery – it is the dissolution of boundaries, and the sharing of basic elements of the human experience. To me, these are a few of the most important functions of art. (Cultural Appropriation and the Arts)
As a growing designer and artist I was intrigued by this idea.  Although I may be thinking naively, I feel that my program does not restrict our inspiration by way of culture and circumstance.  In fact, the more school I attend, the more my inspirations expand and forge my design philosophy.  I often find myself looking for inspiration in music.  Whenever I am home, I see my mom making inspiration collages on illustrator.  There are countless files containing countless pictures that spark ideas in her head (and mine!).  How do you find your inspiration?  

would love to hear your thoughts on this!



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