Relaxing at Home: Beauty of a Personal Space

After a long day of classes there is something wonderful about coming back to your own space.  This is the first time I have had my own room, and got the luxury of designing it all for myself.  Last year I made a quilt with my mom inspired by Denyse Schmidt, with a flare of some of my favorite vintage florals.  My bed frame is pallets with a door for a headboard.  The nightstand we found at a thrift store for a couple of dollars (what a steal!).  The wall of boxes pictured below were one of my summer projects with my dad.  We made 17 boxes in three different sizes.  They are maple plywood with solid maple trim and a clear varnish.  You can arrange them any way you like for different rooms and spaces (ideal for a moving college student).  They are the perfect size, can hold the standard Target basket, certain Tupperware, albums, etc.  Finally, the chandelier is one of my favorite parts of the room!  My mom and I picked out a sad rustic flower from Hobby Lobby, painted it white, and began to embellish it with wedding crystals.  Once we finished the base, it was attached to the bottom of a hanging wire plant holder, which has the proper hardware for any standard light fixture.  Now I can take a little bit of elegance into each of my apartments/houses.  I wish my photography was better so you would love my room as much as I do!  



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