Brunch in the Sky

Our third day in Berlin we ate brunch at the Fernsehturm.  The restaurant at the top of the tower rotates as you eat so you can see the entirety of Berlin in one meal.  How crazy is that?  After the Fernsehturm we went to a Flea Market and walked through the Tiergarten.  We spent our evening at Sony Center.  There was a small art exhibit while we were there.  One of the stands was a woman who had built a Camera Obscura.  Zach and I built one earlier this summer at University of Stirling!  Right when we were leaving there was a beautiful rainbow.  On our walk back to the hotel we walked by the building for Lower Saxony.  In Berlin there is a building that represents each of Germany's Bundesl√§nder.  Soltau is in Lower Saxony as you see from the elephant.  No one is sure why there is an elephant in front of the building.  The animal on Lower Saxony's coat of arms is a horse!  Curiouser and Curiouser...  We spent our last morning relaxing and packing up for the train.  We also brought a big box of Dunkin Donuts back for Jette's family to enjoy.  I would love to go back to Berlin someday.  It is an amazing city.  



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