Kevin the Lost Coo

Our second hike up Dumyat was a treat.  It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining.  We also got to meet some Highland Cattle.  First we met Kevin.  He was very kind trying to befriend everyone he met (as you can see in the pictures above), but his large stature and huge horns seemed to scare everyone off.  The first man saw Keven and turned around to try and avoid him.  Kevin actually followed the first man all the way back up the hill before chasing the sheep away.  It wasn't until he started loudly mooing that we thought he might be lost.  We continued on our journey up the hill.  Much later, we spotted Kevin's friends Francis, Mable and Thistle.  How cute is Thistle?  The baby coos look like giant teddy bears.  When we got to the top of Dumyat, we made our wish and took in the views.  You can actually see the entire campus from the top!  There were beautiful clouds that day, reminding me of the book I illustrated with the wonderful Jeri Davis.  They also cast amazing shadows on the hillside.  It was a wonderful walk.


p.s.  On our way back we saw Kevin had reconnected with his friends.


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