Hello Trier

Hello all!!  I hope you are having a wonderful day!  I have not been posting for the last couple weeks.  School had gotten busy, I finished my projects and went home to see my family, but I am back!  As I posted a while back, I am studying in Scotland this summer.  Zach and I flew out of Chicago on Wednesday.  Our journey began in Frankfurt.  After hours in the airport, we finally found our way to the trains.  Our train ride was 3 hours, but it took us through beautiful scenic Germany along the Rhein.  We saw vineyards and castles through the windows.  We made it to Trier at around 6 pm last night.  We had the chance to chat with Marjiana (the friend we are staying with) and get a Bier at a local pub.  Trier is a beautiful city.  It is the oldest city in Germany.  Marjiana told us that none of the city had been destroyed in the Second World War, so the buildings are original from the Roman Empire and earlier.  It is also wonderful because most of the city does not allow cars, so we could walk everywhere!  Today we went to see Marjiana's Architecture building and walked around town.  We saw the Porta Nigra and ate at Two Sister's Bagels.  The last picture shows where we are staying.  Ours is the top left window.  Now we are heading to the Super Markt to get groceries for dinner.



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