Discovery Toy: Colorful Quackers

Hello everyone.  I have been gone for a week because I have been really sick and trying to prepare for our class field trip to Dallas.  Last week we had final crits for our Discovery Toy project.  Mine was the Colorful Quackers.  Each Toy had to have at least one educational feature and had to be for children ages 1-3 or 3-5.
            Colorful Quackers is a set of bath toys that help children learn their shapes and colors.  The starter set  comes with three ducks colored in the primary colors (red, blue and yellow), their matching innertubes and a central buoy.  The ducks are made of soft rubber with a squeaker in the middle.  The add on set has three ducks in the secondary colors (orange, green, purple) and their corresponding innertubes.  Each duck has one geometric shapes that determines their body form, feet form and innertube hole.  The child must match each of the ducks to their proper innertube and arrange them around the central buoy in the order of the color wheel.  All toys and toy components are meant for children ages 1 and up.
Click on the pictures for a larger view.  the model in the last few pictures was hand sculpted out of engineering foam, coated in Bondo and painted.

some sweet sounds for your day



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