Final Project: ATMO(SPHERE)

I am back in Omaha and am finally getting settled in.  Here are the pictures from my final project.  We were required to create a home automation system addressing either one room or one system in the house (lighting, air quality, entertainment, etc.)  Each had to have a handheld component and a base station.

ATMO(SPHERE)s are personal spheres that adapt the room of the user to their own custom settings. When the user enters the room, they place the sphere in the base station. This automatically changes the rooms atmosphere to their personal settings. When the user is not in the room, the air system shifts to a the basic atmosphere setting. This keeps the air system in the room at the most economical and sustainable settings for the season. This will minimize energy use and monthly costs.

ATMO(SPHERE)s automatically
- Purify the air
- Set an alarm of when toxins are present
- Absorb light and energy

Users can personalize:
- Temperature
- Humidity
- Aroma
- Central Band Color

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