Fall resolutions

Fall is a time when weather is changing, scarves are coming out, and families come back home for Thanksgiving.  So why not a time for resolutions?   I don't know about you, but I make New Years resolutions every year and rarely fulfill them.  So, I thought I would make Fall resolutions for the month of November.

1.  Do Yoga 4 Days a Week (I am addicted to fitness magazines, read about the benefits of yoga!)
2.  No Eating Fast Food  (we all know its bad for you, but who can resist Taco Bell?) 
3.  Be a Vegetarian (I have been much more adventurous since I got to college with food, and I have been phasing in vegetarianism. check out these great recipes!)

Do you ever make mid-year resolutions?  Do you keep your new years resolutions? 

have a great weekend!
-- grace


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